Location and Tips

Location and Tips

Rodeada de praias e coberta pela mata atlântica, Ilha grande é parada obrigatória durante sua estadia conosco! São diversas praias que podem ser acessadas de diversas formas oferecendo beleza esplêndida. As águas são protegidas e repletas de vida marinha oferecendo a você uma experiência inesquecível.

Cupe Beach

Due to its strong waves, the beach is not considered suitable for bathers of all ages. However the view is beautiful and ideal for walking or reading a good book

Pontal do Cupe

In addition to being one of the city's postcards, Tambaú is also the most tourist and popular beach in Paraíba. For this reason, the Tambaú neighborhood is always very busy, either during the day or at night. It is without a doubt the most agitated region of João Pessoa. Its waterfront offers restaurants and bars making the movement never stop. The beach has a pleasant view and its waters are calm. Ideal for children and the elderly.

Porto de Galinhas Natural Pool

Elected since 2001 as the “Most Beautiful Beach in Brazil” this beach lives up to its name. They are crystal clear waters, ideal temperature, fish as their accompanying dives and corals in super different formats! This attraction is a must for you

Maracaípe Beach

Often sought by surfers for hosting important water sport championships, Maracaípe Beach offers peace for visitors looking for exclusivity and tranquility. Due to its strong waves it is the meeting place for surfers in search of adventures

Muro Alto Beach

Calm and not-so-visited this beach houses a barrier reef making the beach a splendid natural pool. The waters are warm and the place has a relaxing atmosphere, ideal for admiring the beauty of the place and moments of meditation. The beach has no waves, making it an attraction for all ages.

Pontal de Maracaípe

Behold yourself with the meeting of the waters of the river and the sea, which is very popular in the late afternoon for contemplating the sunset

Benjamin Botanical Garden Maranhão

Also known as Mata do Buraquinho, this garden contains beauty and recreational and educational activities that are offered on site. The place also offers the possibility of trails that can be done in groups. For more information visit: http://sudema.pb.gov.br/servicos/servicos-ao-publico/jardim-botanico

Tambaú Fair

If you want to return with souvenirs or want to present someone with elements of our beloved city, the Tambaú fair is the ideal place for you. There are several shops with handicraft and cultural elements that strongly represent João Pessoa

City of Stones

The largest stone city in Brazil can be visited by you! With over 1,200m of altitude, in an area of ​​about 600 hectares there are no waterfalls, but you can meet unique and striking monuments that are part of the history of our country

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